Renaissance Festival, here we come . . .


So, today I stupidly agreed to chaperon DS#1’s school field trip to Tampa’s Renaissance Festival along with my 8 and 1 year old!  I know, I know . . . what on earth was I thinking?  I hardly slept the night before for worrying about losing a child to a jester or a jousting knight, but it was all for nought as DH was able to take the day off and come along for the ride!  We ended up just having our kids to look after anyway.

I had no idea that there was such a group of dedicated followers of the medieval times . . . you could tell they really tried to replicate a lot and make it fun for kids of all ages at the same time. 


DH thought nothing of heckling back to the peasant woman who offered to trade the baby for some coins, telling her he would give her a gold coin to take him off our hands!  Hmmmph!  I blame it on his birthplace of Stockton myself!  Anyway, I thoroughly recommend it to all who enjoy these kinds of festivals. 


After the kids had a go at a couple of the games, we decided to do our usual Disney quickie pit stop for quieting any hunger pangs and shared a yummy turkey leg — a great tip for anyone visiting the mouse by the way! 


Then we took in the jousting show and slowly headed to the exit as DS#1 got a cob on because with my new frugal, do we really need it attitude, I refused to buy him in this order:


I could just picture the listed items played with only once and then littered around the house, however, I did agree to buy him a necklace or a t-shirt, but he didn’t want those at all!  DS#2 happily took me up on the offer of a necklace and is proudly wearing it as I write this.


Anyway, face-ache aka DS #1 soon cheered up when he started tucking in to the most delicious burger and french fries he says he’s ever had!  Yes, we decided to try out the infamous Five Guys’ Burger restaurant and found we LOVE it!  $30 to feed a family of 5 was a little much for burgers and fries, but still it will be a nice treat every now and then.  Can’t wait for it to open up here!  Plus, DS#3 discovered that he actually likes fries dipped in ketchup!!!  I am used to him dipping the fries and feeding them to me and then dipping his finger and sucking on them to get the ketchup!  Please don’t judge, but I perceive this as a huge breakthrough!  It was such a treat to actually sit and watch my picky eater chow down on good old American fries doused in malt vinegar and dipped in ketchup.


Another plus today is that I had the most fantastic, quietest drive ever since Logan was born — he can be very much a bossy backseat driver!  DH had grabbed my laptop for to play Logan’s beloved Blues Clues DVD on the way there and back.  I have to say that he was so good and quiet!  Aah!  It was like the greatest cuppa tea moment ever!  I am having a little bit of Mommy guilt about this though.  It is something I never would have even considered doing with the other boys, but I’ve decided that if it keeps DS#3 happy and me less distracted and frazzled at the wheel, then so be it!

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