Where would you go to celebrate your 40th birthday?

I know I don’t turn 40 until September, 2010, but as I am a planner and a self confessed control freak, I like to have all my ducks in a row so I already have my wild friends  thinking of where we are going to go to celebrate!   

I’ll let DH plan a surprise party for me, obviously, but a girls’ getaway is definitely in the cards for that year! 

I want it to be a fun, memorable trip to a place that none of us have ever been to.




San Francisco

New York


Any ideas?

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13 thoughts on “Where would you go to celebrate your 40th birthday?

  1. Middle-aged people tend to enjoy the serenity and unforgettable charm of Paris. If you like to party, I guess New York is the place to be. If you plan to spend time with someone special, Venice would be the perfect place.

  2. I looked at your picture and I said “if she is 40 I give up Lord,” =))) I am 40 in two years….we are planning a trip to Ireland. I told my husband I NEED something I am beyond excited for that year, so I can focus my attention else where =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. How did I miss these… me and Wp be needin’ to have some words.
    Forty!!! Honey, you don’t look it.
    I’m 33 and when I turn 40 I’ll probably end up at Chucky Cheese, so I’ll be jealous of wherever you go. I hear KY is nice this time of year. ;)

  4. 2011 will be my 40th b.d. yikes. Personally, I would pick Paris. That is probably because I haven’t been there, yet. hmmm.. probably more of a place to go with a lover/spouse. Athens seems more of a wild chick party! ;) I am a bit MPD today it seems lol

  5. I will be 40 in June 2009 .. I’m thinking of doing Vegas with a friend … or maybe San Fran …
    I need to hurry up and plan .. any ideas ..

  6. I turn 40 Sept. of 2010 also. Planning a girls weekend. No kids or spouses! We are having the same dilemma of where to go. Its hard getting a group to pick a place, all inclusive would be nice. Beach is mandatory for us also. Good luck!

  7. dont go to paris iv just got back and they are ignorant and it will be very very expensive for you just to eat ….dont be driving you will have no car left in tact they are mad !!!!16 euro for a basic burger and fries xx go to spain for the w.end it wil save you abt a grand in cash xxx

  8. I had my mid-life crisis early. Freaked out about turning 39 because I knew it would be my last year before the dreaded 40. So, I went to Paris and had a wonderful time! Rented a car and drove out to the country and made wonderful friends along the way. Great nightlife and culture. Made me feel alive! No regrets. I actually found the people to be warm. Just don’t assume they speak English – how would you feel if a tourist came here and just assumed you spoke Italian or German or Spanish? Simply greet them with a friendly Bonjour and you will find they are more receptive.

  9. Hi…

    Im going to be 40 in 2 weeks and really have no idea of where to go… could be a pampering thing with my girlie friends!! i always said i would go to the Maldives or somewhere like that… please help…ive been to Paris and hated it, they are so rude… tara

  10. Hi

    I’m going to be 40 next year. The worst month, December 5th so, I’m going to convince everyone to come to New York for my birthday. Get there on Friday daytime, dinner in the evening, and maybe a show..Christmas shopping for girls and boys, on the Saturday, we can party that night. Go girlie drinks in Manhattan…too many ideas for a long weekend. It’s a win win for all!!

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