Get your game face on …

It seems like the kids were off school forever over the holidays.  And then they were no sooner back to school when they had even more days off. Seriously school officials, I know you like your vacation time, but this was a little beyond ridiculous.

So, what do with the wee scones on yet another day off?  We ended up at the Fun Zone for an afternoon of family fun where Mummy definitely got her game face on playing Dance, Dance, Revolution!  Oh yeah … the undefeated champion reigns!  What, me?  Competitive?  No?

See my game face?

Stopping for some root beer in the cafe, my sister and I posed for a sweet shot and my littlest one crept in to the photograph and posed like a pro.  Warms the cockles of my heart and makes a mummy proud!

Playing some crazy golf …

… with some crazy kids.

All ending with a lovely group shot … typical!

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19 thoughts on “Get your game face on …

  1. …and fun was had by all! I’m a bit of a gamster myself. Playing with the kids and letting them win is also fun because I get to see their faces. Awesome pics.

  2. Well, atleast it was a day of fun.. Please tell me you weren’t wearing HEELS and doing DDR!!!! If so then I bow down to the Queen of DDR…

  3. Looks like a great vacation. Where I live that is more of a summer vacation then Christmas vacation. – We can only mini-golf in the summer!

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy WW :)

  4. I know what you mean.. there can just bee TOO much time off sometimes! LOL.. ok.. maybe I don’t know… I work for the school system and I love it!

  5. Oh yes – days off school – Jan & Feb seem full of them.
    But good for you getting out and doing something fun with family – looks like a good old laff.
    Short sleeves? Seriously? Wow..

  6. Ah beautiful pic’s but that goes without saying, I’ve also heard that he’s being answering the phone and telling people that he’s all one his own and alone!!! good one big bro’s gotta love that sense of humor xxxxxxxxxxxx hugs and squeezies for Whitby

  7. Oh, it does look like a fun zone! Seriously though, what’s up with these stupid school holidays? Also, the half days, every other Wednesday is a half day so I have to pick up my kids early so their teachers can go get theirs. Grrrrr.

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