Stepping away from the Crackbook …

I don’t want to admit to being an addict, but I’ll go ahead and say it.

I’ve been spending just a little too much on Crackbook Facebook lately.  Maybe it was Small Town, Small Times that pointed it out to me with her lovely post … because ye know, if I was working I would be one of those business women sitting in B&N with my laptop open to my Facebook page.  [LOL]

So, I realise the time has come back away. Yes, the sun has set on this Facebook addiction.  It’s time for our affair to come to an end.

It was a love story that had very … erm … absent-minded beginnings.

I signed up on the social networking site before it was quite so popular.

But, then I kind of forgot about it … until I started getting emails with all these friend requests.

So, I added them, gawked for a bit and poked around some more.

I didn’t get it.  To me, Facebook wasn’t a very pretty looking website plus it was difficult to navigate and truth be told, there wasn’t really anybody on my list of friends to keep me intrigued.

So, I kind of forgot about it again … until people started discussing Facebook in excited, hushed tones around the water cooler which made me totally feel like I was missing out.  I quickly logged back on, did some more rubbernecking and even attempted to post a thing or two to my wall in order to feel like part of the gang!

More friend requests of the long lost variety ensued followed by some more gawking.

Guess what happened though?  I forgot about it … again.

Until I had the brainwave that was to be my downfall.  I would set Facebook as my home page.  Then, I would never forget about it ever again because as soon as my computer booted up and I got online … hey, presto … there it would be.  Facebook … in all its glory.

Then, I kind of got it.

Facebook was a like a party.  An ageless, timeless party.  And, I was the guest of honor.

Definitely a people-watcher, I was genuinely excited to see everyone’s status updates … from my cousin’s drunken exploits to the random adventures of a long-lost friend’s child.  I even added the Facebook application to my Blackberry to keep up.

Only it’s like a party that you get sucked in to and one that you never leave … there’s always something going on.


The quiz that determines what your theme song is.

Or, the quiz that determines what your redneck name is.

Cafe World.

You can even get your daily horoscope.

Bejeweled Blitz and we all know how that goes.

And, then take for example the past couple of weeks alone.  There were some very strange updates happening indeed.  Colours.  Inches.  Fines.  Post a retro profile photo … here’s mine …

Post a superhero profile pic … here’s mine …

Now, you have to post a photo of a celebrity you’ve been told you look most like …  here’s mine …

Ah, Facebook … you party animal you, I heart you, but all in moderation.  Facebook is a good way to stay in touch with family and friends by sharing  photos and memories, to experience the occasional Bejewled Blitz fix and to even pimp out my blog.

But, I’ve decided that it’s okay to step away from you because it seems there will always be something going on.

8 thoughts on “Stepping away from the Crackbook …

  1. I just avoid all games, quizzes, trends, etc. on Facebook, which then pretty much leaves me with nothing to read since that’s all people post about anymore. Sad…

  2. Once again – I do love a little spying on former boyfriends/the women they married/my high school nemesis, and Facebook let’s me do all of that – for hours. But honestly, the men at B&N – just who are they spying on?

  3. Loved the Crackbook title LOL. I joined for a week, loved it at first, but then felt I’d had a party pass right through my living room and it presented it’s own social dilema’s, so as quick as I joined, I left (having to explain to confused people why i’d just disappeared). Don’t regret it at all.

  4. Love the photos! I committed Facebook suicide three weeks ago. In case you don’t know, that means deleting your account. I used to use it a lot but then lost interest. Then I heard some mention about facebook entries being indexed on Google and when I googled my own name I found too many of my friends details online as well as my own and became paranoid.

    I am now addicted to twitter!

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