I fought the laundry and I won … well, kind of

This morning, I walked in to my laundry room and I swear I could hear angels singing. 

Take a look and tell me what you think …

With five people in this family, it doesn’t happen very often — getting to the bottom of the never-ending pile of laundry, that is.  So, when it does, you better believe I’m going to put it on display for the world to see that I fought the laundry and I won.


‘Tis a good feeling.

Until I happened upon this …

If anyone can tell me why the hubby can’t get his dirty laundry in to the hamper I’d be eternally grateful. 

Meanwhile let me just go do happy cartwheels again in my laundry room.

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31 thoughts on “I fought the laundry and I won … well, kind of

  1. I have determined that the can’t-get-it-in-the-basket problem is in the y-chromosome. Cavewomen were probably asking the same question.

    I love your laundry room. My dryer died Monday morning. I’m so glad for my clothesline and the breeze we have had this week.

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  3. LOL! I have no answer for you. I will take extra care and make it a point to put my dirty laundry into the hamper.

  4. Your husband’s problem seems to be a genetic one that is (mostly) common to the male gender. It is often known by its Latin term ‘cannot-be-arsitis’, but in everyday English is referred to as the ‘laundry fairy syndrome’.

    Sadly it is inherited by male offspring, and although not necessarily curable, it can be curbed with large bribes if diagnosed at an early age.

    LCM x

  5. My husband says that he can’t get his dirty laundry in the hamper because he hasn’t fully committed to letting it go yet. He “might still wear it again.” Conveniently for him, the ‘laundry fairy’ always gets to it first and he ends up unfortunately having to wear clean socks and underwear.

  6. Oh please. That’s a photo from the latest Pottery Barn catalog. No one’s laundry room could possibly look like that. Where’s the pile of mismatched socks?

  7. Seriously, we can’t really see the inside of the washer or dryer. It’s all in there right? Or in the umpteen drawers & baskets?

    My ugly, green monster is rearing its head – sorry! Awesome job on completing such an insurmountable task. My laundry has spilled out of the laundry room into the hall. I don’t know if I’ll ever see a room like this in my house.

  8. I want to know the answer to that question too!!!!
    And most annoyingly the dirties are Right There By The Basket ???
    How? Why? When?
    Love your laundry room :)

  9. Love the colour of your laundry room. The canvas boxes ready to go up to the kids’ rooms = excellent idea (may steal) – but then you ‘need a clear surface’ to put them on I guess.

    If there is a pill for men picking up and slam dunking their laundry IN the basket, please send me a prescription ASAP and lesser doses for my 3 boys too.

    So are you a tide girl???

  10. Well done :D and what a beautiful laundry room.
    I have no idea why men can’t get things in the laundry basket, same problem here!

  11. Oh my, I surely would’ve take a picture of that myself. You deserve it. In fact, hang that sucker up in the laundry room just to remind you that it can happen! Now as far as hubby missing the laundry basket listen hon, you need to be thankful he got that close. My husband feels that the kitchen chair is his own private hamper. Sometimes it’s the back of the couch depends how tired he is at night, and shoes and socks… oh Lordy those are lucky they make it off his feet. Most of the time they’re in the computer room next to his desk, and the shoes are the only thing to move in the morning. Yep, I would love for my husband to make it that close. You got a good man there. Don’t scold him unless he strays further away from the basket ~hehe~. Nice to meet you. New Follower.

  12. Oh wow – get you and your organised laundry room. I die of shame thinking about mine which can only be described as an accident waiting to happen. Good for you. I hope you had a large G&T to celebrate your victory!

  13. I’m jealous of your gorgeous laundry room… ours is in the dingy garage. Hooray for catching up on laundry! I don’t work and Jamie works from home and we STILL have a never ending pile of laundry. We mostly caught up on it today but now there is more piled up. Sheesh.

  14. That looks like something from a Martha Stewart magazine – I’m so jealous! I have piles and piles and piles of laundry and there’s only 4 of us. I have no system, am completely unorganized and indeed, I pick up laundry off the floor, just like you!

  15. Wow. I am very jealous of both your beautiful and big laundry room and that you conquered your laundry. Even with only 3 of us, I feel as if it is a never ending battle, with me ending up on the losing side.

  16. hahahahaha that is AWESOME. YOu should make sure that hubby see this! I think it is a gender disorder because mine manages to make it RIGHT next to the hamper as well. I wonder if they hamper had a foot lever if things would improve? Happy WW!

  17. How long did that last for??? I am loving your brightly coloured baskets on the work surface, they look mint!!!!!

  18. I want your laundry room, I already have those “menfolk” that have no clue what a laundry hamper or basket used for.

    in reply to my RTT :)since you are set to no-reply, I’ll stick it here. :P Happy belated RTT
    hehe I’m the one counting down the days, I just want no lunches, no getting up early and no more homework! As for the game? Starfleet Command Extreme, I also play lexulous (slowly) wordscrapper and a few others.

  19. See…this just confirms that I’m not alone! Just when you think you’ve tackled a huge thing like the laundry, one of the kids (husbands totally fall into the “kid” category) always comes along to add yet another piece of clothing to the pile. lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking your WW post up over at my place. Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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