Friday Food Fight … Sweets For My Sweeties


There’s a lovely old-fashioned sweet shop in town that’s been around forever … in fact, it’s been around so long that I used to go there when I was a kid.  ;-)

Today, I took my youngest son in to this shop and let him pick out some sweeties for him and his brothers … oh, the nostalgia and memories that came flooding back when I stepped down in there.  My sister and I would quite often skip in there and cheerily spend all of our weekly allowance on their rainbow sherbet. 

Or licorice all sorts. 

Or milk bottles.

Or saucers. 

Nom, nom, nom.

There were so many bright, wonderful choices staring at us from their glass jars and I was pleased to see that all my favourite sweets were there.  It was cute to see my son’s reaction … he was literally like a kid in a candy store!

After much handling debating of said sweeties, we ended up settling on two ounces of  bon bons and a handful of chocolate coins.

And, they were soooo good if … erm … a little chewier than I remember.

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Please feel free to link up with your Friday Food Fight post and let us know what favourite food you’ve flung this week.

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7 thoughts on “Friday Food Fight … Sweets For My Sweeties

  1. Ok, now I’m jealous. That has got to be the sweetest sweet shoppe on the planet. The girls would love to visit that shoppe, too. When I see stuff like this, it makes me wish we lived in Small Town, USA.

  2. Is that the same street as Lucky Ducks? That looks SOOOOOOO English- we went to a shop similar in Pately Bridge this year but they wouldn’t serve just 2oz of anything? Can you still say oz? Won’t you get arrested if you don’t say grams?

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