Friday Food Fight … Pizza


So, last weekend for my oldest son’s birthday I took him and his brothers off to the closest Pizza Slut for none other than pizza.  Dining out at this popular food chain is a lot different over here than back in the States.  Tis a much more sophisticated affair over here … I mean, people actually dress up.  I have to say that it is kinda strange to not see hairy men in wife beater shirts everywhere, but true.   Plus, the menu is posher.  I did notice that they’ve added unlimited trips to the salad bar just like back in the states so you no longer have to perfect the building of a massive one-trip salad.

Anyway, I let the boys pick what they wanted and they did not disappoint by going for the biggest and the best.  They crossed one all meat pizza with another all meat pizza and had it made on a crust called cheesy bites.  Obviously, they couldn’t finish it, but what do ya do.  I kinda expected that.

Afterwards, I took them to go and see the new Pirates movie which was showing at one of the local theatres.  Going in there was like stepping back in time.  It hadn’t changed one bit since the last time I set foot in there … I was about 11 years old and I think I was probably going to see Cannon & Ball.  Anyway, my boys thought it quite amusing and played up on the fact that it was more of a historical experience for them. 

I thought the movie was great by the way.

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7 thoughts on “Friday Food Fight … Pizza

  1. OMG that pizza looks HUUGE! I remember the Pizza Hut in York being a big deal when I was younger. And the array of pizzas IS better there in UK I remember. Have only been to one in 15 years here in the States though.
    Apparently that latest Pirates movie was filmed out here where I am now!

  2. Pizza Hut is truly much better over there than here. It’s where I had my taste of a margherita pizza. So yeah, “posh” is definitely the right term to describe a British Pizza Hut. Funny to know that people dress up to eat there! I was a college student when I ate there back in the 90s and I don’t think I had any fancy clothes back then!

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Pirates movie. We haven’t seen it yet. I think we’ll wait for the DVD. But you will be happy to know that the film has sparked a renewed interest in mermaids and Weeki Wachee was featured on the Today show. How funny is that? Little ol’ Weeki Wachee made national TV! lol

  3. Love Pizza Hut! They just opened one around the corner from us, but it’s a take out spot so nowt fancy there! Also want to see Pirates looks fab! x

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  5. Here in Florida, pizza leaves much to be desired, but Pizza Hut is where we usually get ours as it is convenient, cheap, and quick.
    Coming from New England I am used to excellent NYC style pizza and you cannot get that down here – bummer!! =(
    I’m probably going to wait to see Pirates, too, until it comes on BluRay. I LOVE Johnny Depp, but I just can’t see spending the money to go to the theater anymore… it’s outrageous.
    I adore the photos of you and your kids and that pizza is enormous!

  6. hello! v late comment here, sorry…. just come to you through Nickie Typecast’s tweet, love the blog and was hoping for some advice if you have time :) I’d love to put a photo slideshow in like ‘wot you ave’ just here, but I’ve no idea how…. would you mind telling me what you used, and if it was easy?! Thanks if you can, no worries if not.

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