Fall fashion wants …

So, it’s no big secret that I love this time of year.

Fall.  Autumn.  Or whatever you wanna call it.

When the weather gets all … ye know, what’s the word I’m looking for … crispy, yes that’s it … crispy … and it’s cool enough to wear all the great fall fashion trends.


The other day I was talking about all this to one of my friends when she excitedly told me that dungarees were making a comeback.

Did I mention she was a bit fashion challenged?


Anyway, I was all “what you talking about Willis? Dungarees? Making a comeback? I don’t think so” to which she insisted that yes, indeedy, dungarees were the must-have fashion trend of the season.

Did I mention she was fashion-challenged? When I first met her she used to wear her dungarees all the time. Bless. Granted they’re very comfy and make fab maternity wear, however, a fall fashion trend I beg to differ.

But, then I saw this on the net …

Okay, I’ll admit they’d look all right on a crispy day, but I don’t think I shall be purchasing a pair.  And, I promise I won’t bust out laughing or even make the slightest sarcastic remark should my pal show up wearing them next time I see her.

I think you’ll find my fall fashion wants for this season are far *cough, cough* classier.

1. Something, no anything sequinned and maybe possibly gold …

2. Leg warmers. I know, I know, my sister has already lectured me on this, but I just can’t help myself.  This is one fashion trend I’m thrilled has made a comeback …

3.  Sweater mini-skirts or dresses a la the Missoni for Target line …

4. Desert boots … perfect for shit kicking, no?

5.  Shorts … in autumn, you ask?  Yes, with tights and a lovely spice coloured top, I say …

6. Like this one … loving all these colours and it goes nicely with jeans too …

7.  Patchwork type clutch …

8.  Puffy jacket …

9.  Shirt dress … except I seem to buy one of these every season …

10.  And, no fall ensemble would be complete without a long flowy skirt to wear with boots …

So, what about you?  What fashion trends are you digging this fall?  Be warned that if you say dungareres, I may just have to reach through the internet and slap you.

7 thoughts on “Fall fashion wants …

  1. I have to say fall boots make me squeal. Although I’m too picky when it comes to them to actually get a pair, but I just love them with long dresses.

    Like you, this is my favorite part of the year. During Fall everything just seems clearer. (or maybe it’s me saying, “Finally. Now people have to wear real clothes.”

  2. Hubby ‘stores’ all our winter boots in his ‘lock up cage’ in his garage at work. Nipped there this week to get a few pairs out already!
    I remember buying a pair of lovely Dungarees in 1980s from Dorothy Perkins. They were MATERNITY dungarees FFS and I wasn’t preggers but I STILL bought them and wore them to death.
    I would now look like a cross between a telly tubby and a garden gnome in such things!

    Did buy a nice Jessica Simpson dress today though. Can’t wait to wear boots again though.

  3. I love the autumn & being a January baby feel better when the weather is colder. As for fashion I shall be getting out my ‘winter’ wardrobe, testing how many of them I can squeeze into & depending on the size of the pile for recycling may have to ‘just do’. Love the clutch bag though!

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  5. I would like a long skirt with boots. And pretty much everything else you listed here. But too bad we don’t have fall here… we only have 2 seasons!

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