Revisiting the 80’s … again

I’m playing along with Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know this week for Xmas Dolly’s 80’s themed week as well as a new music meme over at Boo and Me.

I love, love, loved Whitney Houston and her music back in her pre-Bobby Brown days and this particular song is one of my favourites of her hits. It’s still such a great song and a fun video. I remember as a teenager really wanting that dress she wears, but the closest I came to it was a Chelsea Girl aqua blue number I’d proudly wear.

With white stilettos.

Go me.

Which reminds me of this one time in band camp … ooh, hello … wrong blog post.  Actually, there was this one very chilly evening when I wore that blue dress to a school dance and instead of wearing my boring donkey jacket, I asked my grebo brother if I could borrow his black leather jacket. He reluctantly agreed to part with his beloved jacket and I got to that dance thinking I looked very cool indeed. I hit the dance floor with my friends and was having a fab time.

Until I started to get a whiff of something really horrible.

My friend and I were all ewwww, who’s stinking up the dance floor? And, tried to dance away from the smell. Only it kept following us. So, we decided to investigate and trace where it was coming from. Imagine my horror when we found it was eminating from my brother’s leather jacket. The one that I was wearing. Eek. I was disgusted and livid and ended up riving it off in a huff and tossing it at my other brother who was there with his mates telling him to take it home. I froze my ass off the rest of the night, but it was bloody worth it for the sake of getting rid of that smell.

And maybe sorta rocking that Whitney look?

Anyway, enjoy the song while I cringe at the memory it brings up …

18 thoughts on “Revisiting the 80’s … again

  1. I wanted her hair and her dress in the “Wanna Dance With Somebody” video! And Madonna’s hair and bloke-suit in the Vogue suit but that’s another story. Anyway – wasn’t Whitney great before she got smashed off her tits?

  2. Doesn’t Whitney almost have a certain innocences about herself in this video? She was such a talented singer in the early years. What a shame she got tangled up in drugs and Bobby Brown! This is a smashing good song. You had me dancing in my chair. =D

  3. Eewww!

    I would yank it off too! Ahh the memories and boys and their yuck!

    Oh My I lOVE this song! I swear I sang it everyday as a kid! I used to belt it out until my voice cracked. lol

    Oooh loves!

  4. Tell me more about this band camp…

    But for some reason I have Saigon Kick’s “Love Is On The Way” stuck in my head, so thanks.

  5. Whitney is one of my long time favorites in her youth! I bet she wishes she could sing like that again! To throw away a God-given gift as she had is just a shame. As far as your bro’s jacket I would soooooooooo gave him a piece of my mind too! Thanks for sharing & playing along with us.

  6. No one can compare to the 80’s Whitney! Love that song!

    Too funny that your brother’s leather jacket ended up being to smelly to wear…sounds like my brother’s leather jacket! ;) And even funnier that Run DMT is married to that smelly man! ;)

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