The Last Day of the Fair …

So, last weekend I decided the boys and I would meet up with some of my pals I’d not seen in a while.

At the local county fair.

I’ve lived in this area a while and have amazingly never been to this fair before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Well, other than lots of bright lights, loud music and smells of fried foods. Getting to my parking spot was like a ride in and of itself driving through the potholed, sand covered, off-road in my 4×4. Me likey.

Anyway, with it being the last day of the fair, the queue was already a mile long to get in, but once my pals arrived it seemed to go quickly.

As we were walking to the stadium area for the demolition derby, I heard myself utter the words, “there’s a lot of interesting units here tonight.” What the what, I thought as I maybe might have sorta cursed my new Southern friend for imparting such lingo on me. Grrrrrrrrr.

It’s true though. There really is a lot of interesting units to be found at a fair, isn’t there?

The kids … both old and young … loved watching the derby … especially reading some of the names the drivers had come up with.

There was an entertainment artist there who was creating the most amazing paintings using spray paint, lighters, bits of paper and raw talent. It was fascinating to watch and now my oldest son wants to try his hand at it, what with him being all artsy. Watch this space for more details on whether I let him give it a go or not.

All in all, it was a really great night out spent with good friends. Sadly, it ended in tears with my youngest scratching his leg and screaming the house down as he watched the blood pour from the wound, but I digress.

Like I said, it was a great night.

And, I can still hear the sounds of the demolition derby in my head. Me watching demolition derby? Will wonders never cease?

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