The Gallery… The Eighties

I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement when I saw the theme for this week’s Gallery was The Eighties.

I was a teen back in  them there Eighties.  A tall, gangly, fashion obsessed, geeky, ridunculous teen.  Hah.  Not a lot has changed really.  Anyway,I think it was a great decade to live out those years.  The music, the clothes, the technology, the political climate… it was all just so different.  Edgy.  New. Undiscovered, even?

Anyway, I’ve pulled out this photo from the vault that was recently sent to me by my bestie. We were all dressed up to go out to some party or another and had got ready at her sister’s house with help from those little cuties.  It pretty much sums up my look during that period of my life:

  • Big hair care of a perm and mousse… lots of mousse
  • Lacy gloves
  • Pearls
  • Pixie boots (sadly they were not shown here so I can’t remember if I had on my pink or black ones)
  • Bright cerise outfit, my colour of choice
  • Gloss

Not sure, but I do believe my pal was going for the Cilla Black look that night.


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6 thoughts on “The Gallery… The Eighties

  1. oooooooo uuuu!!! Yeah, who sent me a memo to say come looking like Cilla Black!!! and why did we not worry about wearing the same colours??? Those cuties are all grown up now, one with children of his own, they were funny weren’t they!!!

  2. I don’t usually do the Gallery (pure laziness) but I might have to go and dig something out. Who the heck did we think we were? I still have those lace gloves somewhere BTW.

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