How Autumn Looks in Flo Rida…

Living in the far south of the U.S. of A, y’all get a different perspective of Autumn. Or, fall as they call it round these parts.

It’s not all sunshine and palm trees ye know.

True, we don’t get snow or the bitter, biting cold you experience elsewhere, but it does get chilly.

And, the leaves do turn.

A bit.

Honestly, they do.

What I really love about fall down here is being able to head outside and enjoy the outdoors without the usual heat or humidity. I can drag take my boys on hikes and to outdoor festivals without them moaning too much about being hot and fiiiiirsty.

But, perhaps the best photo I can show to interpret how fall looks in my neck of the woods is this one… Hello, my pretties… Yes, I get to be reunited with my fake Uggs.

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