Boobs and more . . .

Did you know this week is World Breastfeeding Week with the theme being mother’s support.  I think breastfeeding has come a long way, but we can all do our part to support breastfeeding mothers.

I’ve experienced all kinds of breastfeeding issues and prejudice if you will. 

When I had my first son, I was so adamant that I and I alone would only nurse him that I did not purchase any bottles before having him.  My body had other plans.  When my baby was two days old, I came down with the most painful malady ever, even more so than the childbirth which was still fresh in my mind — mastitis.  I reluctantly allowed hubby to give my precious baby a bottle (he had to run to the store in the middle of the night) and went off to take a long shower, followed by a long nap.  I tried to nurse through it, but the pain was just too great and I was so sick that I soon stopped breastfeeding all together.  It is a decision that I cried a lot over and still kind of haunts me, but now looking back I know it was the right one at the time.  Those first couple of weeks of breast milk obviously worked their magic as my oldest son is now a smart, intelligent , athletic, healthy 12 year old young man.

Pregnant with my second son, I knew I wanted to breastfeed again, but I had no grand illusions of how easy it would be.  The rose colored specs were off!  I purchased bottles and formula to have on hand just in case, but they weren’t necessary at all.  Cam nursed like a champ!  No mastitis this time around although I did decide to supplement him with a bottle of pumped breastmilk when I was out in public.  Sadly, Cameron self weaned at about 7 months old refusing to take the breast.  My middle son was my sickly child.  While a very easy baby, he had chronic ear infections, numerous allergies and infant asthma.  Thankfully, he has outgrown much of these and now only suffers a few allergies.  He is a strong, highly intelligent boy.

When I had my last baby, Logan, I knew that I would breastfeed again.  Breast is best after all!  And, breastfeed I did — for almost 20 months!  He refused to take a bottle so I fed him anytime, any place, anywhere!  It’s been a month or so since he’s been completely weaned and as ready as I was to stop that last bedtime feed, I’ll admit that I do miss it.  He was not the best eater of solid foods, hence why I nursed him for so long.  I’ve found that he is getting a little more adventurous and curious about food these days.  He, just like his brothers, is a strong, smart and very strong willed little boy.

I’ve found that you get looks whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding in public.  I should know because I’ve done both.  Unless you know the situation, don’t judge but simply try and offer support when you see a mother feeding her baby.  La Leche has a list of helpful suggestions for mothers, fathers, employers and just about everyone to help support breastfeeding mothers:

  • give a mother the phone number of an LLL Leader.
  • tell a first-time breastfeeding mother she is doing just fine.
  • bring the new mother a nutritious snack and a big glass of water.
  • as an employer, accommodate a mother’s need to pump with a private comfortable space.
  • as the baby’s father, intercede with family and friends so that mother and baby can feel confident
  • write to legislators to support the enactment of laws supporting paid maternity leave and mother-friendly workplaces.
  • contact an emergency relief organization and request training to help in emergency situations, especially in breastfeeding support.
  • take care of your health and nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation.
  • set up or join a network of lactation experts in your community.
  • provide transportation to a mother to attend an LLL meeting or visit a lactation consultant.
  • advocate for legislation that enacts the provisions of the WHO/UNICEF Code of Marketing.
  • ask for support and offer support to others.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

FYI: the boobs title is a shameless plug for hit to my blog!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . .

Is it too early to start back to school shopping?

Yes, it’s that time of year that parents across the country let out a collective sigh as they realise they’ve actually made it half way through the summer holidays and they’re still alive it’s time to hit the stores.  I’ll admit it.  I have no shame.  I’m usually scrambling to find all the necessary items on my kids’ back to school shopping lists as well as the incidental purchases of new shoes, underwear, socks and uniforms, not to mention lunch boxes and backpacks.  I start out with the best of intentions to get it all done and out of the way early, but inevitably I get distracted and other more pressing things come up that need my attention.

This year I want to be different. 

Organized and on time!

I am shopping for two and their lists ARE very long and complicated!

So, I’m considering going out next week to get it all done.  Early!  And, to avoid the sudden rush of other last minute mommy shoppers barging in to me with their shopping carts and that half-frenzied/half happy look on their faces!  I know that look.  I’ve been that look!

Just thinking about all this shopping and soon to be free time is actually making me giddy with anticipation and excitement.  Roll on August, roll on!

This time of year also makes me think that with just a few weeks left of my kids’ summer vacation, we need to dust off their list of places and things they wanted to do before returning to school.  I want them to have fantastic memories of their summer days.  Memories of family get togethers, swimming in the pool, lazing at the beach, walks in the park, digging in the garden, making snow cones and setting up a lemonade stand.  And, what would a summer in Florida be without sweating in line at a local theme park?  We still have that one to cross off their list!

Any back to school items I do purchase early, I shall have to hide so as not wipe the happy signs of summer off their blessed little faces!

Outside magazine has good taste in men . . . .

I’m not sure, but I think that my hubby’s magazine Outside has got a hold of my laminated list. 

The reason I think this is because the last two issues have featured Anderson Cooper and Ewan McGregor and I have heard a rumour that Patrick Dempsey will be in the next one! 

Hmm, wonder who they are interviewing next from my list!

It’s a great magazine to tell you the truth!  I do enjoy sneaking it away from DH’s stash of mags and having a little lookie loo especially now — I can drool over said hunks and look for cute outdoor gear all at the same time!  What more could a girl desperate housewife ask for?

What’s a bit of rain?

I find that all over the world, people do like to talk about the weather, but nowhere do they obsess about it like they do in the United Kingdom  . . . or do they? 

Florida comes a near close.  Especially at this time of year.  It’s hurricane season here or ,as us locals like to call it . . . the rainy season.  The local news stations have all the latest doppler radar gadgets and gizmos giving up to the minute forecasts whenever needed.

I’ll admit it — I eat it up! 

Perhaps it is my British upbringing, but I just love the weather reports.  I always make sure to check the weather before leaving the house.  My head does a quick about turn whenever the weather report comes on the box or the radio and I am forever logged on to  I used to wake up every morning, as you do in the UK, and wonder just what the weather would be like.  What would I wear?  Would I bring a brolly?  Etc., etc.  DH finally sat me down one day (call it a weather intervention if you will) and told me, “honey, we live in Florida — it will be hot and humid every frigging day!”  It helped . . . a little!

I enjoy this time of year.  Rainy season.  It actually reminds me of being back home, minus the heat and humidity, of course.  Hurricanes, well, their kind of rain I can do without, but the pitter patter of a rainy day,  . . . sigh . . . there’s nothing like it. 

I shall be keeping a very watchful eye on any hurricanes that may happen to come our way and you better believe that my family will be ready and prepared, such is my obsession with the weather. 

Maybe I should have been a weathergirl!  I would make Michael Fish very proud, I’m sure!