The Gallery… Boys

They grow up way too fast.

One minute you’re gazing at them as they lay nestled in your arms.

And, then the next they’re towering over you.



This week’s theme for The Gallery is boys. I decided to pick this photograph because I love how it perfectly captures the spirited side of my boys. What say you?


The Gallery … Faces

The Gallery: Every Wednesday

When I saw this week’s theme over at The Gallery was faces, I immediately knew that I would use this photo of some adorable pumpkin faces my boys and I carved over the weekend.

But, then I thought maybe that wasn’t quite what Tara was going for when she suggested the theme so I decided to use some of my favourite photos I have taken of my boys over the years.

This is one of my oldest when he was about 12ish.  When I look at it all I can see are how blue his eyes are against the backdrop of the sky …

This photo of my middle son aged 4ish makes me smile every time I look at his laughing, mischievous eyes …

This is one of my favourite photos of my youngest son when he was just a year old … I think because he looks so calm and inquisitive … as is his nature.  Sort of.

I love this one of all of my boys because they just look so darned cute and adorable, no?

And, last but not least is this photo I took of one of my brothers with my youngest son a few years back that I think captures the theme perfectly …

i like boobs … part 1

My laptop has crashed.

And, burned.



So, while it’s away being repaired … again … I asked demanded kindly urged the teen to let me on his when he’s not using it.   After an ungodly amount of clicking, he reluctantly and begrudgingly agreed and handed it over.  The first time I went to go use it, however, I noticed he had a password on it and after a couple of failed attempts at logging in, I was forced to wait for him to get home before I could use it.  Without saying a word, he logged me in and I was finally able to surf the net get some work done.

The following afternoon when I went to get on the laptop, I realised that I had neglected to ask the teen for the password.  As you can imagine given our society’s reliance on all things electrical it was almost the first thing I uttered when he walked in the door from school. 

Okay, I’m not that attached to the ‘net.  I did ask him how his day went before requesting said password.  Give me some credit for my nurturing, mothering abilities.

Anyway, he mumbled for me to hand over the laptop so that he could just log me in himself. 

My immediate thought was eh, what’s going on here then?

My oldest is a good kid and has always been very open and honest with me.  He has never given me any cause to worry about him with regards a lot of the issues facing teens today and I thank my lucky stars for that.  I don’t feel the need to snoop on him and he knows that hence him letting me use his laptop in the first place.  

But, he is a 15-year-old boy.

Who was obviously hiding something.

I did feel the need to voice that I trusted him and hoped that in turn he trusted me that I wouldn’t snoop.  Alls I wanted was the password so I could get online to check my emails, etc.  Not his.  He immediately got all defensive insisting he didn’t have anything to hide from me.  I told him, all right and that he should just tell me his password then.

And, he got all flustered and started blushing.

At this point, I really didn’t want to think about what could possibly be on my son’s laptop, so I stomped off and told him, not to worry about it and that my own would be returned soon enough.

“Okay, mum,” he said and with a heavy sigh, blurted out “My password is ‘i like boobs.’ Okay?”

I stopped dead in my tracks with my eyes as wide as saucers, unsure of what to say or do next.  So, I do what I always do when confronted with uncomfortable situations, I snorted, laughed and made a joke.  Not my best parenting moment I will admit as I asked him “large or small,” but it did kinda stop his embarrassment long enough for me to lecture him that maybe it wasn’t-the-most-respectful-to-women password he could have picked. 

But, he’s only 15 and as was pointed out to me by a friend, the situation could have been something far worse … I mean, his password could have been something like ‘i like feet’ or ‘i like drugs,’ but it wasn’t. 

It was clearly dreamt up by that of a 15 year-old-boy. 

A 15-year-old boy who I might add now has a nice, new, mum-approved password.

Now, I’m sure there are some grown-up boys out there too with similar if not exactly the same password.  I’m not pointing any fingers or anything.  Just saying.

*cough, cough*

I wanna wear my “da car” tee-shirt …

So, these were the words my youngest son woke up saying this morning.

“I wanna wear my ‘da car’ tee-shirt, mum.”

It was his first day of preschool here in the States and he had what he was going to wear all planned out in his head.

He was wearing his “da car” tee-shirt.

Being the ever-attentive, good mummy that I am, I begrudgedly happily pulled out what I thought was his beloved Cars tee-shirt for him to wear … cursing that it was at the bottom of the child’s stack of tees.  When I handed it to the munchkin I sadly did not get the gleeful squeal of delight that I was fully expecting.  Instead, I got a face that looked like a bulldog licking a thistle and those words again … “but, I wanna wear my ‘da car’ shirt.”

“This isn’t the right car shirt, son?” I asked him, patiently.  By this time, the clock was a-ticking and I was worried we might be late.

“No, I want my ‘da car’ shirt,” he replied.


My heckles went up when I heard him say “want” and for a moment, I pondered whether it was an appropriate time to give my little man a lesson about the use of that word and the fact that I would actually really rather him say “I would like.”  Knowing how I can ramble on, I obviously decided against it and went in the closet for another car tee-shirt.

This time, I came out … a triumphant twinkle in my eye … with his tee that had RC from Toy Story on it, but I was met with the same response as well as a stifled cry of sorts.  Bless ‘im.

“Mum, I want my ‘da car’ shirt,” he whined

“I don’t know which one car shirt you mean, son,” I whined back.  “Come on now, you need to get dressed or we’re going to be late.”

“Awww, mum,” he said looking at me tearfully.

Not wanting to have a parenting fail on my youngest son’s first day of preschool, I decided to look one more time for this bloody tee-shirt.  Standing there, I started looking through the boy’s shirts, muttering to myself “dar car ey?”

“Da car.”

Till I finally I spied it.

And, I swear it was like a thousand light bulbs going off.

Or at least a gazillion of those ridiculous Oprah aha moments.

“Is this what you want?” I asked my preschooler.

When he gave me a squeal of delight, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I was holding a new tee-shirt his grandma had bought for him that had a guitar emblazoned on the front of it.  He had meant “guitar” not “da car.”

Finally, a parenting result.

He quickly finished getting dressed and we headed out the door … with me attempting another parenting result by trying to get him to pronounce the word guitar correctly.

I’m pleased to report that his first day went really well … all the better for knowing one of his teachers.  He was a tad confused by the differences between here and in the UK,  for example, he kept asking what colour his teacher was going to be.  This was a little embarrassing , but not so after I explained that at his nursery in England all of his teachers were colour coded so to speak … they each wore a different colour apron and the children were assigned to either the red group, the blue group, the green group or the yellow one.  Yeah, they don’t do that so much here.

He was also upset by the fact that he wouldn’t be having lunch at preschool. No matter whether he was in the morning or afternoon session at his nursery in England, he would have lunch there with his friends and so he doesn’t quite understand why that’s not the same here.

When I picked him up, one of the first things he did tell me was this … “guess what mum, everybody weeeeeally liked my ‘da car’ tee-shirt.”

Result.  I think.


The teen and tween had good first days too — thankfully, they were put in the correct classes and by that I mean those advanced  and gifted ones.  Last week, I had to get all Yorkshire ghetto with the teen’s high school guidance counselors when they tried to tell me that they were not going to give him credits for the classes he took in England.  And, that he very likely may have to repeat some of them.

*cough, cough*

Sometimes, one has to get a little forceful when it comes to one’s children. Ye know?

Goddammit, one day he’ll realise I’m a cool mum …

Last week, the teen had a day off school because of one of those professional teacher training days so I thought I’d plan a nice mother-son day out.

Yes, I know I can hear you scoffing right now. It was a bad idea from the start, yeah?

Well, first of all he slept in.  I was told earlier in the week by my electrician … yeah, best you don’t ask … lots of issues going on with the rental causing him to spend muchos time here giving me parenting advice …  that apparently teen boys can’t help an overwhelming need to sleep. 



Eventually, his lordship got himself up and all beautified for a day couple of hours out so off we set to walk in to town.  It took me a minute, but then I suddenly noticed something.  An oddity if you will.  The teen was walking a couple of steps behind me.  So, I would stop and wait for him to catch up and note that he would stop too.  This went on quite a few times till it dawned on me what he was up to and then I was all …


What ya doing? 

Son, what’s wrong? 

You don’t want to walk with me

To which he looked at me rather sheepishly and said, “well no.  It’s not very cool to walk with your mum.”


When did that happen?

That I became an uncool mum?

Where’s my little boy gone who couldn’t wait to hang and play trains with his mama?  Who took my hand whenever we were out? Who called me his best friend?


Ye know I could be one of those mothers that looks like this …

… or one of those mothers that makes their sons go buy tampons at the corner shop.

Instead, he’s got me …

…and one day he’ll look back and know I was one cool mum.  Goddammit.

The Gallery … Children

When I saw the prompt for this week’s Gallery I immediately knew which photograph I was going to use … the reason being that it seems to have captured a little of each of my son’s personalities perfectly.  




I’ll let you try and figure out which adjective goes with which child. =)