The Gallery… Boys

They grow up way too fast.

One minute you’re gazing at them as they lay nestled in your arms.

And, then the next they’re towering over you.



This week’s theme for The Gallery is boys. I decided to pick this photograph because I love how it perfectly captures the spirited side of my boys. What say you?


The Gallery … Favourite Photo

This week’s theme for the Gallery is favourite photo.

Favourite photo?

Just what is Tara trying to do to me? 

How on earth could I ever decide on just one?  I have far too many favourite photos … I mean, each time I take a new one I can instantly be heard muttering, ooh that’s my favourite.  Until I take the next one.  Couple that with that fact that I am … erm … a tad bit indecisive,  I’ve declared this week’s task impossible.


So, instead I give you one of my favourite photos …

It is from four years ago when my two older sons really bonded for the first time with their new baby brother.  You can see from this photograph that they are just besotted with him … lost in the moment … like most of us when holding a newborn baby.  When they handed him back to me, my middle son declared “Mum, he smells so good!”

I think we can all agree, right? There’s nothing like that newborn scent to just melt you in your tracks. *sigh*

Now, if only I can remind them of this moment when their little brother is annoying them with his endless chatter and pleas to play with him.

The one where her three-year-old told her he was free balling …

Oh, let me raise a glass to the joys of raising sons of varying ages … and while we’re at it, raise one with me.


This morning, I was trying desperately to convince my three-year-old to put on his underwear UNDER his clothing when he turned to me and said, “No thanks, mummy … I’m free balling today.”

What, what, what?

Free balling?

Well, you can imagine my surprise, then shock and horror as I realised what he meant.

Free balling?

As in going commando?

I’m still in shock that my precious little boy uttered these words and once I picked myself up off the ground, feigned my ignorance and told him that we really should wear underwear … all … the … time, I silently cursed his brothers.

Oh yes, the joys of raising sons of varying ages indeed!

I wonder if this sort of thing happens in the Duggar household?