A quickie at the beach . . .

No, it’s not what you bloody well think although . . . no, I digress!

Took the boys to the beach this morning, but when I was getting ready I pulled something in my back.  I figured it must have been when I was bent over in the shower shaving all the important bits and pieces.  Must make a mental note, to go and get a bikini wax before beach getaway next month with the girls.  Anyway, I took some acetaminophen, sucked it up and loaded us up, beach garb and all and headed out to the beach. 

Now, this was Logan’s first official visit to the beach as a toddler in the summer time.  We’ve gone when he was a baby and we’ve gone when it was freezing cold and we were bundled up for a nice brisk morning walk, but never to actually swim and build sandcastles.  So, I was interested to see how he would do.  He was in great spirits right up until we reached our group of friends.  He sometimes gets a little overwhelmed when there is a large group of little kids giving him attention.  He soon warmed up and we started building sandcastles and messing about in the sand, so I decided to take the next logical step and try to get him to the water.  But, he was adamant he was having none of that! 

Yes, mine was the poor child that was screaming and clinging to me as I waded in the shallows!  He started to giggle as I chased a school of teeny tiny fish with him on my hip, so I put him down to chase them himself, but that made it worse and he shrieked the beach down! 

By this time, his friend James had joined in crying and whining.  I think they had both just had enough.

I asked Logan if he wanted to go home and in between tears, he stopped, looked at me and said “yes” and then grabbed my hand as if to say away then, come on!  So, I packed up what little we had unpacked and we waited for his brothers to come out of the water.  They had been swimming and having a fight with the mud quite oblivious to the havoc that Logan was wreaking beachside!

So, after an hour and a half on the beach, we headed home!  The wailing one suddenly became happy as a lark as soon as he saw our van!  I’ve decided he is more of a pool baby — he’s like a fish in water when he’s in our pool.  My mum says he takes after me!  When we were wee and she would take us all to the beach, she could leave me on a blanket and go down to the water with my older brothers and never worry about me wandering off as I hated the feel of sand on my toes.  Like mother, like son!


The Spring Fling . . .

So, yesterday I decided to take the boys to our neighborhood’s annual Spring Fling . . . against my better judgement. 

Now answer me this, who plans a kids’ party at 1 p.m.?  Isn’t 1 o’clock the universal time for all napping toddlers?  Mine was already a little sleepy and grumpy when we set off.   I made a mental note to definitely get involved with the activities committee here so I can be the voice of reason when planning the times for such future events.

We arrived and DS#3 was excited to see his beloved slides except I couldn’t let him go on them as the playground was all taped off and covered in hundreds of plastic Easter eggs.  He cried, he screamed and he squirmed as I stuck him in his stroller and tried to quickly maneuver past said playground as I figured out this was where they were doing the toddler egg hunt. 

We headed over to the food stands and purchased the older boys hot dogs, where people (none of which I knew) were staring a my beautiful little boy’s face.  For some reason, I felt the need to tell the story of what happened.  Maybe I wanted to yell, that no I am not a bad Mommy! (Hmmmm, as I sit here writing this, he is eating his chocolate bunny grahams for breakfast, but no, I am not a bad mommy!)   Anyway, I finally let him out of his stroller to have a run around in the field whislt we waited for the hunt to start. 

When it did finally start, all he wanted to do was play on the slides!  Taylor, his big brother did help him to grab a dozen or so eggs though.  We had left Cameron in the bouncy castle when we headed over to the hunt.


A half hour or so later, the boys’ age group egg hunt started so we headed over there and all chaos erupted!  Logan did not want to go in his stroller, nor stay by me, nor help his brothers out with their hunt.  No, he had decided his little legs were going to take him back to the playground!  So, off he went with me in hot pursuit and all the while, people were staring at him with sympathetic expressions.  Now, I am used to people staring at my children, but commenting on how gorgeous they are so this was all new to me and very humbling I might add.

When I overheard one woman say that she thought it was a birthmark, I decided I had had enough and as soon as the boys were done with their hunt, we were out of there!  Huh?  Can’t you see the scabs on his face?

Then I heard it!  The fart from hell!  My darling toddler decided he needed to poop!  Aaaargh, and I had no wipies as I had not yet refilled the box I had used up to clean up all the blood from his fall.  So, I had to stick him in his car seat, poops and all, gather up the big boys and head home!  What joy, what fun!   We had lasted all of one hour!  One hour!!