Post Cybermummy …

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So, this past weekend I headed to London along with some 400 other people for the mummy (and some daddy) blogging conference of the year … Cybermummy.

Let me tell you, that’s a lot of MILFs in one room.

I tried not to have too many expectations for the weekend, but for me that was hard. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and those around me. I don’t mean to … it’s just my nature or perhaps because of my star sign … I am a virgo after all, but I do need to try to do better at that because I only end up being disappointed.

Anyway, I had this clear idea in my head of how the weekend was going to go and sadly, it did not go to plan. And, not because of the event itself, but because of some personal stuff I had going on. So, if I appeared a little scattered throughout the day and evening, it’s probably because I was and for that I’m truly sorry.

Truth be told, I was distracted, overwhelmed and just not present enough to really enjoy myself because had I had my party hat on, I totally would have been in that bar at 3 a.m. singing Rod Stewart with the midget. Believe me.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have a fab time … and took home some very “cherished” memories with me. The highlight of the day for me was meeting soooooo many wonderful fellow bloggers … and I’m so sorry if I miss anyone out, but starting with the shared cab ride in the morning with @michelletwinmum to the lovely heart-to-hearts with @maris_world and @peabee72 to laughing it up with @3bedroom, @cosmicgirlie, @nickie72, @flyingstartmag to finding out there’s a hidden wild side to @pippad, @karamina and @sandycalico to getting a hug that made me cry from the sweeter-in-real-life @tara_cain to squealing with @glowstars over her fabulous shoes.

Finally hugging and putting a face and a voice to these lovely people made the day so worth it for me.

Other highlights and memories I took home with me …

  • Hearing Sarah Brown speak … she really is lovely.
  • Being glad I kept my mouth shut about revealing in a workshop that my biggest hit lately on my blog is my chav post. Ahem.
  • That I should have brought my own cookies because the caterer obviously didn’t get the memo that a room full of 400 women want more than a crumb of a chocolate chip cookie for their afternoon snack. I still want to know who ate them all, so ‘fess up.
  • Maybe I should have found out that there was a famous hairdresser doing my hair before I kinda insulted him by saying he did my hair almost as good as my own hairdresser.
  • That kebabs are just plain nasty as are kebab shops. Ugh.
  • Hugs are good.
  • That I’m not as alone as I sometimes think I am after finding how much I related to @baby-genie’s post about her lists.
  • That bloggers can really touch your soul as did @nickie72’s moving story about her daughter’s battle with cancer.
  • That I really know how to make a dramatic entrance as I made it back from my hotel just in time for my blogger calendar shoot … I prolly look a hot, sweaty mess, but oh well.
  • The dildo party … need I say anymore? @baby_genie’s and mine’s combined bumble bee effort was clearly the overlooked winner!
  • That Travelodge lifts really are the worst and hot as hell.

That said, I am not so sure I would attend such a large blogging conference again. I think it was just a bit too big and impersonal for me. I didn’t really feel like I fit in. I don’t blog as a business, for the free stuff or to make money. My profession is public relations so I don’t need to learn how to brand myself or how to swag the free stuff. I came because I wanted to meet everyone and also for the so-called writing workshop that turned out to be quite the fiasco. I ended up leaving it because I really was desperate for the loo. *cough, cough*

I started blogging back in 2006 not long after the birth of my last child as a forced reason to write … on an almost daily basis … with the end result being to finish my first novel. After listening to Rachael speak at her workshop, she has inspired me to just go balls to the walls (hehe) and finish my novel that’s been this work in progress … mostly in my head … for the past couple of years. I’ve been so unsure of how my heroine’s story will end, but I think I now know.

I am also going to take her advice and publish an excerpt on here in the next couple of weeks. *gasp*

And, then sit back and cringe.

And, then cringe some more, hate myself and wait for the response.

Now, what was I saying again about not putting so much pressure on myself?

Cybermummy 2011 … meet and greet

Hello all *waves madly*

I’m really beyond excited to be officially registered for Cybermummy 2011 this summer and can’t wait to meet y’all. Anyway, without further ado, I give you my meet and greet …

Name: Karen

Blog: If I Could Escape

Twitter ID: @ificouldescape

Height: 5ft 10 (yes, I already know … I’m tall, but thanks for pointing that out;))

Hair: *cough, cough* Blonde *cough*

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days … oops, wrong blog post, hehe … I meant to say tea, cheese, chocolate, scones with cream and jam, the outdoors, anywhere by the sea (almost), walking, dancing, music, stationery, shopping, proper grammar, key lime pie, carrot cake, pumpkin muffins, flowers, a good salad, pizza, spa days, wine, neatness, modern shabby chic, my family and friends, reality shows, Dr. Who, chick lit

Dislikes: Ironing, seafood, soda, coconut, reality shows, mess, dog hair, grumps and mean people