Friday Food Fight … Yummy Vegetarian Buffalo “Chicken” Wraps

I’m into hot.

And, spicy.

Which is likely why I love anything that comes with Buffalo wing sauce. And, blue cheese crumbles, but I digress.

So, for dinner the other night, the boys wanted me to make my almost world-famous Buffalo chicken wraps.

I decided that just because I eat a (mostly) vegetarian diet it didn’t mean I had to miss out on all the fun. I usually will just have the veggies in mine or I make a salad, but this time I decided I’d pick up some tofu strips to grill and stick in there.

Sadly, the supermarket was out, so in a pinch I grabbed a package of Morningstar’s “chicken” to use instead.

And, if I don’t say so myself it came out quite delicious.

I started with a layer of blue cheese dressing on a low fat¬†spinach wrap, added some shredded romaine lettuce, sliced cukes, diced tomatoes, stuck the “chicken” in there and topped with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles.



Just as I was about to tuck in, I caught my boys sizing it up,¬†drooling and probably wondering how they could get some of mine rather than their own. I was all … eat your own chicken dudes coz this is my “chicken!”

Who knows?

Maybe I’ll make vegetarians of them yet.

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