We are young …

For this week’s Musical Monday, I’ve picked this awesome song originally introduced to me by my wee sister and her husband, who incidentally turned the big 4-0 yesterday.


It’s called We Are Young by a band called Fun … how’s that for an original name, huh? Wait till the song gets to the chorus … it kinda makes you wanna wave your hands in the air, all concert style … maybe with a lighter in hand.

Anyway, I feel like things are finally coming together for me and the boys, but on the same hand, I’ve been distracted and a bit all over the place. So much so my pals wanna slap me upside the head. Anyway, my distractions include thoughts of running my first 5K, corn holing, chicken wings, hot tubs and maybe contemplating closing down my blog.

I know.

I don’t want to, so we’ll see.

Until I decide what the feck I’m doing with it, I guess I shall sing loudly and proudly about how young I am. At least, for tonight … and wish oor Big Eck a very happy birthday.

Musical Monday … Starships

For this week’s Musical Monday, I’m playing Nicki Minaj’s latest called Starships … I went out on Saturday night with my sister-in-law, drank a little too much, danced my ass off, saw a super mullet and found out what the universal symbol for a vagina was.

Go me.


Anyway, pump it up and enjoy …

I’m on the floor, floor
I love to dance
So give me more, more, ’til I can’t stand
Get on the floor, floor
Like it’s your last chance
If you want more, more
Then here I am

Five songs I’m listening to this week …

For this week’s Musical Monday post, I’ve decided to list the five top songs that I’ve been listening to over the past week or so.  The fact that I can’t really go very fast in the Land Rover makes me cross on my commute to work, but it would be so much worse if I didn’t have some good tunes like these to pump up.

Please be warned that this list is well random … erm, like me … and shows that I have quite a varied, if not eclectic *cough, cough* taste in music.

Anyway, in no particular order I give you …

1. Hurry, Hurry by Jessie Baylin … I love this song.  It’s got a lovely upbeat melody to it, yet the words tell a sad tale of missing someone.

2.  Part of Me by Katy Perry …  hmmm, no comment needed here as to why I’m kinda listening to this one right now.

3.  Wild Ones by Flo Rida featuring Sia … what can I say, but that everyone should have a bit of Flo Rida in their lives.

4. Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna … I think the steel drums sound lovely on this one.

5. Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes … besides the fact that I love the Skype chat sounds they’ve thrown in this song, I find it’s great for driving.

Not tagging anyone, but if you fancy playing along, just let me know.  Happy Monday to ya.

Goodbye Whitney …

Stunned and saddened doesn’t begin to cover how I felt when I heard the news that Whitney Houston … one of my favourite  singers … ever … had died.

It’s true she had her share of problems and it’s a shame she chose to deal with them the way she did, but let’s not forget that there is a little girl who has lost her mother.  Please let’s all be respectful when making comments about her life and legacy.  My thoughts are with her family, friends and most of all with her young daughter.  I just can’t imagine what she is going through.

I am choosing not to remember Whitney Houston for anything other than the joy she brought in to my life with her music and her voice.  Beginning with my teen years and on, I have so many good times and memories associated with her songs.  From dancing around my bedroom back then to dancing around my kitchen now, her music has been a huge part of my life.

Goodbye Whitney …

If I have to pick one song to remember her by … it’s this one that perhaps sums me up better than any … I Wanna Dance With Somebody …

One of my favourite love songs is this duet she did with Jermain Jackson called If You Say My Eyes are Beautiful

And, song from a film is Exhale



Every day I’m shuffling …

So, I’ve seen this meme floating about the t’Internet and finally decided to give it a … wait for it … shuffle.

Ba doom tish.

Apparently, it originated as a game called the Very Quick Generic MP3 Player Shuffle Game on Radio 1’s Chris Moyles’ Show and was emblazoned into meme folklore by Seasider Clare.

I’m supposed to stick my iPhone on shuffle and then list the first 5 songs it plays … WITHOUT CHEATING …then tag some folk to do the same.

Fuck’s sake. While there’s some fabulous music on it, there’s also some utter shite.


Here goes nothing …

1. Closer to Love by Mat Kearney

2. Here With Me by Dido

3. Skinny Genes by Eliza Doolittle

4. La Isla Bonita by Madonna

5. Halo by Beyonce


An interesting, eclectic mix, no?

I’m not tagging anyone … just feel free to do it and let me know that you do so I can check out your collection.

I promise not to poke fun. Much.

On the radio …

I’m ashamed to say I’ve been a bit absent here of late.  I’ve lots to blog about, but have either been too busy or I just simply can’t.  And, enough said about that the better.

Anyway, I thought this a perfect tune to start my week off.

Love, love, love J. Lo’s version of this Donna Summer classic … and I hope you do too, so pump it up, channel your inner disco diva and enjoy …

Heart on fire …

It’s been a busy, crazy, mixed up week … during which, I heard this song on VH1.

And, fell in looooooooooooooove with it … it’s by a band called Scars on 45 who kinda remind me a little of Snow Patrol.

Crossed with some Coldplay.


I also joined a gym, saw a fab play, learned how to catch an American football and was told by one of my darling children that I should purchase a “hip-T” to cover my ass crack.  Because crack kills and all.


I don’t show my crack that much.

I hope.

Anyway, enjoy … it’s called Heart On Fire

My first pop star crush …

I think I was about fourteen years old.  Desperate to have my hair layered, to get my ears pierced and to just be cool.


I don’t remember exactly when I stuck a poster of him on my wall, but his was definitely my first.

George Michael.


And, before I knew it, he was plastered all over my bedroom walls.  Honestly, I don’t think there was any space left on them.  Yeah, I’m a bit all or nothing me.  Go big or go home.  Anyway, I’d sit in my room just like your average every day teenager before the days of mobile phones and iPods and play his albums over and over on my record player.  I’d dream of one day meeting him and us falling madly in love and whisking me away from it all.


It could have happened.

It still could.  Possibly.

Here’s a couple of favourite songs of many … the first is called Blue.  I don’t think it ever charted though as it was released as B-sides on Club Tropicana and Last Christmas … it’s reet grand though … enjoy.

And, the second is called … ummm, … Freedom