Splash …

It’s been really quite nice being back in my old house. There is still a long way to go as far as straightening it out and actually moving moving back in, but we’ll get there. Eventually.

All things in good time or something of the sort comes to mind. Meh to that coz I is not a very patient person at all, but I know I need to be.  Who knows?  Maybe it will make me more virtuous?


Anyhoo, one of the best things about it all is seeing how happy my boys are at having their own rooms again.

And, watching my little man fine tune his expert water bending skills in the pool.


The Gallery … Water

When I saw this week’s Gallery theme was going to be water, I might have squealed just a little bit because I adore the stuff and being anywhere near it makes me happy … be it rain or the seaside or the pool or the beach or the pool again.

I can always be found snapping photographs of it … oh heck, I take photos wherever I go so that really doesn’t mean anything. My entire life, I’ve always lived close to the coast so maybe it’s in ma blood or something … I dunno.

Anyway, here’s a selection of some of my latest, most weird and wonderful, favourite photos of water …

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The Gallery … Joy

This week’s prompt for Tara’s photography meme is joy.  And, for me that’s anywhere with water, waves and surf.  Maybe it’s because I grew up near the water, but seeing any body of water will always make me smile and bring me joy. 

This photograph was taken on our Space Coast getaway this past weekend at the Canaveral National Seashore

We had just walked over the boardwalk which takes you up and over the sand dunes that act as a buffer to the waves.  One moment, we were walking in silence … well, besides my excited squeals … and the next, we were listening to the loud crashing of the majestic waves that can only be the Atlantic Ocean. 

The first thing my boys wanted to do was run to the water’s edge …

Waterpark fun . . .

So, another item from our “list of things to do this summer” is checked off! 

I braved the first day of my period and 70% chance of thunderstorms to head out with the kids to the local water park for a fun filled day!  We had arranged to meet up with friends, but were not thirty seconds in the park entrance than we had to head over to the first aid station!    We were all chasing the little one as we thought he was going to trip over, when Cameron was the one who actually took the tumble, skinning both his knees and an elbow.  The nurse cleaned him up and were about to head over to the kiddie pool where we were supposed to meet up with said friends when somehow they caught up with us at the first aid station — not saying my boys have a reputation or anything, but I’m still wondering how she knew I’d be there!

Anyway, after a half hearted attempt at settling down near the beach, I moved our stuff to the kiddie pool as I just knew Logan would not be happy with the sand and surf.  I will say that he did do better than the other day at the real beach – it’s just going to take a little more time and warming up to the idea.  As soon as he saw the kiddie pool, that was it.  The little baby pool slide, the tunnel, flirting and playing peek-a-boo with the pretty lifeguards — he loved it all!  He wanted somebody to race down the slide with as we found out the hard way that that particular slide is not for anyone over 6, so every time another child would go up to it, he would make his way there only to find they had left him in their dust.  He soon cottoned on that he could wait at the top of the slide, flirting with the lifeguards to pass the time of course, and then race some unsuspecting toddler!  He kept saying “sit” at the top of the slide and “fast” at the bottom.  It was so adorable, but then again I’m partial aren’t I?  Come to think of it, his sit still sounds like “shit” and the fast maybe like something else!  Oh dear!

Anyway, the only time the little one had a meltdown was when he thought I wasn’t going to give him any root beer and he kept screaming “my there, my there.”  (And, no before you get worried, it’s not alcoholic Wendy – it’s a bit like dandelion and burdock!)

Taylor and Cameron went off with their friends, checking back in periodically for food and to play with their little brother.  They had a blast and spent most of their time going down all the water slides and swimming — Taylor’s highlight of the day was swimming down to 16 feet without the aid of a snorkel and Cameron’s was conquering the Pirate’s Plunge high speed slide or whatever it was called!  I was only able to get photographs of Logan as the other two never stayed in one place long enough!

It was really a good day and we all went home ready to just take it easy for the rest of the day with the little one taking a two and a half hour nap!  Yeah!

So, back to my list of things to do this summer — another one down, 50 gazillion to go!