The bowling trip from hell . . .

Oh my, do I need a drink?  I just got home from the bowling alley and I absolutely feel like I have been dragged through the hedges of a very posh neighborhood, backwards!

We arrived 20 minutes late as there was a slight accident when I backed out of the garage involving a ladder and a light, but I won’t go there.  I put on Logan’s new little monkey backpack with the leash attached so he could walk about with us.  We entered the bowling alley, the boys grabbed their shoes and joined the game already in progress with their cousin and friends. 

Then it begain . . . the meltdown of ALL meltdowns.  It started simply enough.  DS#3 wanted the monkey off his back!  I obliged and then he wanted his cousin’s French fries.  I obliged an then he wanted to bowl a little, to play with the computer, to run around!  I obliged to all of these!  Aargh, I don’t think I sat down once and had to eat my sandwich on the hoof!  Managed to get him to sit down and eat a little whilst he fed his Thomas the Tank Engine at teh same time!  There were a LOT of old people in there with their morning bowling leagues, I’m sure!  Some of the wrinklies were lovely and others just gave me looks of pure disgust as I chase my screaming toddler off the lanes!  His latest trick is to stand there, wailing, arching his back and stomping his feet ALL at the same time!

I felt bad as I ended up cutting the boys’ second game short so I could get the hell out of there as quick as I could! 

Eeeeh, I do have to laugh though.  Logan loves to argue with old ladies when he is out and sure enough, he walked up to a few of them, bold as brass, and told them what he thought of the place!

What to do though? 

Oh, if I could escape . . .

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One thought on “The bowling trip from hell . . .

  1. Is this a new exercise routine? Sure sounds like it =)) Sorry it was so tiring…a nice glass of wine would be on my list =) (now I said glass not bottle, hehe)

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