Valentine’s School Dance … FAIL

So, my oldest son announced very casually the other day that he wanted to go to his school’s Valentine’s Day dance.

This kind of threw me as it was clearly a marked change in his behavior.  I typically have to encourage and coerce him to go his school dances telling him how fun they’ll be and how he’ll regret not going and participating in the long run.  I only say this because his father was not one to take part in extracurricular school activities and has said on more than one occasion that he wished he had.

Me?  Well, I attended any and every school dance I could.

It took me a while, but I began to wonder exactly why there was this sudden desire to go to his Valentine’s dance.

And, there it was.

It’s a Valentine’s dance.


Could my teen be … shock, horror, gasp … in love?

Dare I inquire?

Yeah, I did.  On the drive to school the following morning, I casually started a conversation with him about the dance and asked him if he wanted me to pick him up some Valentine’s cards.  My middle son who overheard the conversation piped up from the back seat, “Why?  Do they sell Valentine’s for $^%@s [insert your own expletive]?”

Ignoring this obvious act of brotherly love, I plowed on telling the teen that Valentine’s day was a perfect time of the year to tell someone you like them with a nice card or teddy bear to which he mumbled in reply, “yeah, maybe in your century”


I quickly reminded him that we were actually from the same century.


As of today, he and his friends were not sure if they were going as they had heard there was only going to be 6th graders at the dance.  Which ye know, when you’re an 8th grader … is so not cool!

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s School Dance … FAIL

  1. Oh too funny – at ours, the 6th Graders are worried theirs will be cancelled as the 8th Graders aren’t too interested in going. I also got a comment ‘maybe in your day!’ about my asking daughter about anyone special in mind for Valentines. Soon followed by ‘your accent makes you kind of freakish.’

  2. I love it! I taught at an all boys’ high school for several years and this post made me miss that great perspective that only an adolescent boy can have.

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