It’s Red Nose Day today here in the UK.  The day when the whole nation comes together to do something funny for charity.

I’ve been glued to Radio 1 for the past few days listening and watching in awe as Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave set a new world record by staying on air for 52 hours.  Talk about epic.  And, I couldn’t bloody well believe how well they looked by the end of it.  Men. Pfft.  Had it been me up that long, I’d have had to insist on hair and make-up or I would have looked rough as houses.

In fact, it made me think of a few times I have stayed up over 24 hours … not a pretty sight, but well worth it.  That’s another blog post though.

So, here’s my contribution to blog something funny for Red Nose Day.  I was thinking it would be another blog post about things that made me go WTF?  And, I did have a long list of random musings, however, after learning of the following boob related product I really felt it deserved its own special post in the annals of my blog … what do you think?

My apologies to any woman who can’t sleep without her Kush.


My bad.

4 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. There’s no way I can leave the comment I’d like to leave. That is crackers. LOLOL You should link this up to my Blog Something Funny linky…

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