Friday Food Fight … pizza amore


So, before we left to head back to the States the boys and I spent a loverly day hanging out and making yummy pizza with my bestie.  The boys were supposed to just put their own toppings on, but my middle son ended up kinda taking over.  And, completely amazing us with his pizza spinning abilities …

He made it look like he’s been doing it all his life, but truth be told it was the first time he’d ever tried it … I really do need to let him loose in the kitchen some more, but the control freak in me finds that hard.  *sigh* 

Anyway, I made myself busy with the very important job of shredding cheese …

While my BFF provided the entertainment …

No thanks to our goofing around, the pizza turned out as fab as the day was …

My friend did try to keep my little man on that side of the pond, but he wasn’t quite ready to leave his mama’s apron strings just yet. Maybe next time …

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2 thoughts on “Friday Food Fight … pizza amore

  1. My those boys are taller and taller with each pic. The boys love making pizza here too. Those though are some mad pizza throwing skills.

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