Goodbye Whitney …

Stunned and saddened doesn’t begin to cover how I felt when I heard the news that Whitney Houston … one of my favourite  singers … ever … had died.

It’s true she had her share of problems and it’s a shame she chose to deal with them the way she did, but let’s not forget that there is a little girl who has lost her mother.  Please let’s all be respectful when making comments about her life and legacy.  My thoughts are with her family, friends and most of all with her young daughter.  I just can’t imagine what she is going through.

I am choosing not to remember Whitney Houston for anything other than the joy she brought in to my life with her music and her voice.  Beginning with my teen years and on, I have so many good times and memories associated with her songs.  From dancing around my bedroom back then to dancing around my kitchen now, her music has been a huge part of my life.

Goodbye Whitney …

If I have to pick one song to remember her by … it’s this one that perhaps sums me up better than any … I Wanna Dance With Somebody …

One of my favourite love songs is this duet she did with Jermain Jackson called If You Say My Eyes are Beautiful

And, song from a film is Exhale



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13 thoughts on “Goodbye Whitney …

  1. My kids weren’t really aware of who she was until this weekend.I think it’s sad she died so young and my kids only heard of after she died (I’m a ex-goth/rock type).My oldest (9) is in the school choir and has been singing back I will always love you today *tears*

  2. I also choose to remember this Whitney. I’m not a huge fan, but I can appreciate her legacy and how she inspired so many other singer/song writers. Nice tribute.

  3. Whitney really had a fabulous voice. I liked several of her songs for sure, but I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan of hers. I just appreciated the talent she gave to the world through her music. She’ll be missed. Her songs will live on forever in our hearts, though. God bless the Houston family. Our prayers are with you.

  4. It wasn’t that long ago that I watched the film about her life, she was one strong woman and I respect her for that. For pulling through and keeping going for as long as she did.

  5. I LOVED Whitney Houston! She was a huge part of the soundtrack to my childhood too and I remember dancing around the bedroom with you! I always wanted to be her and have her voice as a kid! I would sing in the mirror and pretend I was her! So sad she’s passed, but what a music legacy she left us!

  6. Love Whitney and yes she left a beautiful daughter behind. The news at the cause today makes me both sad and mad. What a talent and she is gone way too soon!

  7. Sadly appropriate to hear so many of Whitney’s love songs around the web today, so many are go-to tunes for Valentine;s day anyway. Thanks for sharing & hope you have good week

  8. Can you believe I have almost everyone of her CD & I’ve never heard that last song or I just forgot. Love your tribute to a very great lady. Her love songs make me sad though – not romantic. Too sad.

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