Musical Monday … Bright Eyes

Yesterday was Earth Day.

I’ve always celebrated this day with my children in some form or another, but this year I wasn’t able to because I had to work.  So, while I was giving instructions to my friends and family to be sure to hug a tree and give thanks to Mother Earth, I was hugging a couple of computer monitors.


My boys got to make like David Attenborough and go on a nature walk though.

Today’s Musical Monday is in honour of our Mother Earth … it’s a song that harkens back to when I was a wee lassie called Bright Eyes from the movie Watership Down.  Ye know, the one about all those poor rabbits.  I remember crying my eyes out watching that at the local cinema.  Anyway, I’ve picked this version by a band called Puressence rather than Art Garfunkel’s so it kinda has an edgier vibe to it.


Oh, and happy belated Earth Day to you.  Did you hug a tree?

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10 thoughts on “Musical Monday … Bright Eyes

  1. Nice pick for Earth Day! Of course, we hugged trees and did our part to make the Earth a little bit greener. No matter that you had to work, because every day is Earth Day. ;-)

  2. That is a beautiful picture. Lovely area to go walking. I didn’t hug any trees yesterday. I stayed indoors because is was 105 out. Summer is upon us in the desert.

  3. Well, there ya go! How about I planted some plants yesterday does that count? Nice tune to go along with the theme. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see you next week too!

  4. Great photo of your boys… the scenery is also gorgeous.
    We were out all day on Earth Day and didn’t get a chance to hug a tree, but our little doggy Mia “watered” a tree – does that count?
    I have never heard the song you posted before, but it is lovely, thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a great week.

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