Another one joins the club …


I have the classiest friends.  

One of them … a fellow ex-pat back in Florida is turning the big 4-0 today.

I remember the first time I met her … it was at a monthly meeting of professional mums aka our mother’s club mums only get together.  We were having some discussion about something or other and all of  a sudden she chimes in with this Brummie accent and starts rattling on about nothing. 

And, I immediately thought … ooh I like her … she’s a bit like me …. mental

Not long after, we met up with our little ones for a playdate and sure enough found out that yes, indeed … we both are kindred, mad, tea and scone obsessed spirits. We’ve been besties ever since.

Miss you lots … wishing I was there for your prom birthday party and hoping it’s as fab as you deserve.  Many happy returns my old friend … you are one class act.  And, welcome to the club.  It ain’t all bad.

Snogs. x

PS I hope this makes up for the fact that I forgot to mail your birthday card on time.  I know, I suck.

Feeling groovy …

So, I’m writing this blog post … at the ripe old age of … *gulp* … 40.

Yes, I survived.

I’m now FORTY.



And, truth be told … it’s not been too bad because you know what they say these days?  Forty is the new 20.

On my actual birthday, however, I succumbed to a horrible tummy bug so all plans for the day were put on the scrap heap.  No lunch and shopping with my mummy, no dinner with the hubby and my boys and no drinkie poos with the girls that night.


It kinda sucked.

However, my 1970′s disco birthday party more than made up for it.

What a celebration? 

It was amazing. 

And, I just have to say that I have the most awesomely gorgeous friends and family.  They all really came together to throw me a 40th birthday soiree that will not be forgotten.  I’m still grinning from ear to ear when I think back on it all. 

Have I said how amazing it was?

It all began earlier in the day when I had to leave the house before my pals, aka, the decorating crew arrived, so I took off for a pedicure followed by some retail therapy.  And, when I returned … red toes and all … my house bared an uncanny resemblance to Studio 54.  It was 1970 everywhere  and it  looked so … groovy and far out.

My mum made all the food for the party and as always it was delicious although she was a little tight on the sausage rolls. 

My sister got me the most fantastic birthday carrot cake … topped with a dancing queen glitter ball. 

Hubby put together some great disco tunes to which we boogied all night long and then some.  The poor dear threw his back out doing his best John Travolta moves.  Bless.

And, my dear friend gave a really lovely toast that made me tear up, then laugh and then cry some more.

The laughter, the tears, the jeers, the dancing, the food, the fun, the friendship, the groovy love.  Good times, indeed.

I feel like the luckiest lady in the world.  Everybody made me feel thoroughly spoiled with their love, friendship, thoughtfulness … and pressies … and, I thank the stars that I have them all in my life. ♥

And, now for an embarrassing slide show of them all … coz I’m good like that.

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Dancing Queen …

Some call me a control freak.

I prefer to call it being prepared for anything. 

Maybe it’s the Virgo in me, but I like to know everything and, no … I’m not a huge fan of surprises.  With my upcoming 40th birthday, I made sure to tell all involved that I did not want to be surprised again like I was with my 30th.  Although, that was a pretty sweet surprise and I’m still not sure how they all pulled it off, however, I just kinda like to know everything.  Ye know, so I can be prepared.

So, I’ve been told that my party is going to be this weekend and it’s a 70′s themed disco complete with disco balls and loud disco music.  And, knowing that means I was able to order my “Dancing Queen” dress …

as well as make sure all my bathrooms are cleaned and the laundry room is all put away.  Now, I just have to find my Foxy Cleopatra wig …

and hit up the Goodwill shop to find some flares for my boys.

I honestly can’t wait to disco it up with friends and family and I’ve started playing 70′s music to get me even more in the mood.  Here’s my Musical Monday …

Where would you go to celebrate your 40th birthday?

I know I don’t turn 40 until September, 2010, but as I am a planner and a self confessed control freak, I like to have all my ducks in a row so I already have my wild friends  thinking of where we are going to go to celebrate!   

I’ll let DH plan a surprise party for me, obviously, but a girls’ getaway is definitely in the cards for that year! 

I want it to be a fun, memorable trip to a place that none of us have ever been to.




San Francisco

New York


Any ideas?